Questions and Answers (FAQ)

We offer players an extensive section "Questions and Answers" (FAQ) as a resource that is available at any time. If you need help in overcoming any difficulties you have technical obstacles, if you do not find the answer to our question here, do not hesitate to contact our representatives.

How do I start to play at h3bet?
To play any games at our exclusive website, you have to register and create an account to deposit your funds at first. You need to follow step by step to fill the form.

Why do I need to register my personal information?
To h3bet company could provide you the best service and to maintain the highest level of security we need to identify you, especially if the payment winnings. We need your full name, date of birth and contact number.

Is it legal to play at h3bet?
Yes, we are a reliable and licensed online betting agency for players around Asia. And you must be over 18 years old to play here.

Can I open more than one account on h3bet?
Unfortunately only one account per person is permitted on h3bet. We reserve the right to close any multiple accounts.

What are my payment options?
Once you have opened a real money account, you will discover many popular payment options on h3bet such as bank transfer, paypal and much more electronic payment options.

Are my funds deposited on h3bet safe?
Yes, all your funds are kept in bank account controlled by financial institutions in the first level.

How to withdraw my funds?
To withdraw your funds from your account, contact our hotline number better. Unfortunately, you are allowed to withdraw RMB 50,000 within 24 hours.

How long it will take if I cash out a certain amount?
To cash out a certain amount it depends on the transaction mode. Call our hotline much better if
there is a problem on your cash out.