Online betting lottery forms has been rising since 90s, breaking the time and space limitations and gradually changing the traditional lottery to physical store betting habits.

 A fully functional marketplace with the encouragement of the market has become imperative and important entertainment product in the new era of lottery.

BG lottery sets a strict high quality standard for playing lottery experience. Since its launch,

BG lottery will be loved and supported by fans around the world including China, Malaysia,Indonesia and Thailand etc.

Nowadays, BG lottery offers multiple lottery betting options including: Time Color, PC Egg, Always Happy, Go Ahead, Always Colour, Low-Frequency Colour, 

Fast 3, 11 Choose 5, and other exciting lotteries.

Take Always Color as an example, the lottery is issued by Welfare Centre, similar to “arrange 3” and “3D” games. 

The lottery cycle is divided into ten minutes and five minutes, belonging to the Keno lottery, which is underwritten by the Welfare Lottery Distribution Management Centre. 

Betting time is divided into million, thousands, hundreds, ten and a bit, your lottery number range is 0-9.

How about Fast 3 lottery game? The lottery game uses special electronic lottery equipment, 

each randomly generated three numbers as the current lottery numbers, each number is a total of six natural numbers 01-06 in any one. 

Each lottery time is drawn every ten minutes.

Beijing Racing PK10 lottery is a fantasy at one time or another for most lottery players. The lottery game is based on cars racing. 

Each result will be shown in every five minutes. It’s easy to play it and your chances of winning big if your numbers match.

BG is a faster lottery, it has longer business hours. It has s platform user-friendly design, clear, and easy to understand, players can get started as fast as possible.

In addition, all lottery games are based on HTML 5 technology to meet the needs of the different devices and different browsers.

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